You move to fast for me. 

 You move to fast. 

 You move to fast for me. 

 Why can't we go slowly. 



She had a car

She had some kids

We're years apart

Mommy needs a kiss

She had an ex-husband,

But her own cell-phone plan


Into her car

Just up the road

Two-car garage

Cold queen bed where she lies alone

Her kids were sleeping upstairs,

Hope they were unawares


I fumbled with my pants,

She flipped the photo on the nightstand

She took my hand and she said, "Son, you understand,

I've got an eye for the guys in the band


So finger me like a bass

Pound me like a drum

Tickle my ivories

Hit my octave with your thumb."

Just like an oldies song,

so she could sing along.


Woke up alone

Head pounding in the dark

My mind was blown

When a light came from a spark

I saw those Van Buren bros,

Chained up in bondage clothes


They said "P. Bear do you think you're the first she's seduced?

You must like sloppy 8ths, now you're gonna get used

To giggin' every night with these shackles on your hands

This basement is full of the guys from the band!"



As we get older, we wonder what we learned as children

Busted bones were better teachers after we made trouble

We learned not to do what didn't feel good

we had no choice and that was understood

we prefer to rule, to rule from above

Let's show the kids tough lough


As we got older we saw what we were teaching our children

Busted bones are better teachers, to pay the trouble forward

We learned life was better living a lie

Soft talk and hands off, dust it under rugs

Let's give the children hugs


They learn what we do to them


As we get older we wonder what the point is

Busted bones feel better after we take medication

Here's to feeling good all of the time

This new attitude comes without a rub

Let's feed the children drugs



You did it for the mad and lonely

You did it for the fame

You shed that red, white, and blue

Then they crucified you

Put a curse on your name


Dreamin' dreams of pride and glory

They called you insane

You cashed in your debt from a world

That forgot about you

And didn't owe you anything


Charlie, you crooked messiah

You won't find salvation down the barrel of a gun

In God's name, he's one with the angels

Just like they did you

Singin' songs at the end

Of a rope


You heard the word, you thought it truth

Or you just heard what you wanted to

God was acquitted, you were committed

'Til you should die, Charlie oh why?

On broken ground, the angry crowd,

You wore a noose like a thorny crown

And the cross you bear

Is a song in the air


Glory, glory Hallelujah

I am going to the Lordy

I am so glad


 Hey Everybody this how I think that we oughta do. 

 No matter where we go,

 remember there is where we are. 

 We must look back, once or twice, 

 but the wind on our face is far to nice

 with our heads up towards the sun

 we begin to run, and we cannot slow down

 lest, we slow down. 

 When I'm with you I feel like I could fly in through the ocean blue.

 High up in the sky is where I want to swim with you.

 When I'm with you I feel like I could fly in through the ocean blue.

 High up in the sky is where we'll meet when we are through.

 Hey Me, Myself, and I-- this is how we do.

 Everywhere we go, we'll remember where we are.

 We must look back to understand all the things that have happened despite our plans

 With our heads up, imagine the surprise with you by my side

 and I can't believe that this has just begun.

 When I'm with you I feel like I could fly in through the ocean blue.

 High up in the sky is where I want to swim with you.

 When I'm with you I feel like I could fly in through the ocean blue.

 High up in the sky is where we'll meet when we are through.



One man, once died, did you know that he could read all our minds

he was the US Adam with Jaq the wife, he was the hyper-charismatic

telephathical knight




McGee: His parents were an academic team of elites

Max: His goal was to raise the future human supreme

McGee: He smelt like the future

Max: His words felt like flowers

BOTH: And if he shook your hand you'd make love with it for hours

A list?

Max: Let's

McGee: Soldier

Max: Check

McGee: Flight?

Max: True


McGee: NO!


Max: Quite, and was he the true cousin of sir Jesus Christ?



Made Love, read minds, went inside of more than half of mankind

he let us down but shit how could we mind

he was the handsome devil, but the kind of devil you like


wore suits, sometimes, starred in movies that appeared in our minds

he knew the secrets of all space and time and if he liked you we would

tell you but you had to unwind


Max: He understands my shit

McGee: Said the short and the tall

Max: He saw a million faces and he

BOTH: Sexed them all

Max: I saw him heal a zebra

McGee: I saw him heal his wife, I saw him bless a demon and that demon changed its life

some secrets never aired about the sex lord-elect

Let us go back to the start

Max: When JFK was just specs

No one knew

McGee: No one guessed

Max: Due to all of his flaws

That the world's most human mofo

BOTH: wasn't human at all 



Fake man, great stats, never sat to empty out all his crap

How could a program love and fuck so sweet

He was the hyper sympathetic telepathic machine



John Wayne loved the metric system clear and so precise, the american way of measuring was crude ancient device

Roaming bars and barbecues eating ten squared meals a night his hunger brought him within centimeters of his life


John Wayne was insane

He magnified his brain

and underneath his gun

was a fecal metric ton


Metric shit ton, western fiction, John Wayne's body, John Wayne


No care he gave to he

he just had some fun

he swallowed life up whole

just to gestate a shit ton


Kiss her daily

divorce costs money

John Wayne's body,

John Wayne's hobby


Metric shit ton inside

inside he pried at his pride



Lyndon Johnson on the pot

signing bills and calling shots


Lyndon Johnson in his jetblack car

tryna' peel out, he's the skidmark czar


Lyndon Johnson, he will cut you in line

he's not a gentleman, he's unrefined


Into the bathroom follow me,

we're gonna start a great society


Let's start a movement

Not for my amusement

This economy is booming

because I've been consuming


Lyndon Johnson went to Vermont

He made it out alive by digestive detente


Lyndon Johnson on the phone

Jackie Bouvier is callin' his home


Mrs. Kennedy, take a walk with me

I will be your new daddy

It's the lady, who sustains me, 

in my life for a few bad dreams


Into the bathroom follow me, 

Ive got to show you my foreign policy


Let's start the practice of containment

not for my entertainment

the southern region in enflaming

the people's will we must be taming


Lyndon Johnson on the pot

With his stomach tied in knots

did he order up the shot?

Lyndon Johnson on the pot


Lyndon Johnson on the pot

says he's something that he's not

knows just when his wife is hot

and also when she's not


Lyndon Johnson on the pot

He'll call you to his school of thought

He'll pull your tie until its taut

He'll drop you off a yacht to rot

Lyndon Johnson on the pot!



Lee Harvey, did he do it alone?

He pulled the trigger or it maybe was his clone

Coupala lookers on the grassy knoll

Lee Harvey, what did you know?


Lee Harvey, what did you see

From you perch in the depository?

The FBI, the CIA, the mafia, so

Tell us, Lee, cause we're dyin' to know


Did a UFO take JFK but leave LBJ?

Did the public push a patsy preaching he reprobate?

Did you throw him back and to the left, the magic of a bullet

Sayin' "That's a nice game, pretty boy" hit Kramer with a loogie?

Can we ever read between the lies that come from on high?

"Et tu, Brute" called the Tyrant as he bled out and died

Lee, ya pull the trigger, puttin' Jackie in the middle?

Should we even ask the question if the answer is a riddle?



Workin' for a rise, better my station

Take my baby to sophistication

She's seem the ads, she thinks it's nice

Better work hard I've seen the price

No time now, it's time for the bus

You'll work hard if you're one of us

Time goes slow in a place of work

The hours drag and the minutes jerk


Wave b-b-b-bye to the boss

It's our profit it's his loss

Anyway, the lunch bell rings

Take an hour to do your thing



Well Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi

went to the park to check on the game

but they was murdered by the other team


You can be true, you can be false

You'll be given the same reward

Socrates and Milhouse Nixon

both went the same way through the kitchen

Plato the Greek and Rin Tin Tin

...Who's more famous to the billion millions?

Vacuum cleaner sucks up budgey

Bye Bye!

THE Man in the yellow jacket


The man lives in the arena,

we watch him every day

he ducks to the side with his gladiator's pride,

but he can't get out of his own


He makes a mess, cleans it up, calls it art

He makes a mess, calls it art, but it hurts his heart, it hurts his heart


He is the man in the yellow jack


That same friend is an artist

He speaks best in a language that no one understands

He talks in tongues and the people find him fun

but he's never been one for long term plans


He makes a mess, calls it art, it hurts his heart

He makes a mess, cleans it up, but he cannot stop, cannot stop


He is the man in the yellow jacket

the man in the steel-toed boots

the man in the yellow jacket

the man digging up his own roots


Now at the party you can tell he's been working

he's back in the zone, hopping bushes dropping elbows

digging in the sandbox where last he'd lost his way


Please stay


He makes a mess, calls it art, it hurts his heart

He makes a mess, cleans it up, he fills his cup, he fills his cup


He is the man in the yellow jacket

(not the) the man in the seersucker suit

the man in the yellow jacket

the man digging up his own roots




Out loud, we've got to think out loud

To the floor now, we've got to tear down the wall


Freedom is nevermore than one generation away from extinction

We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream

Mr. Gorbachev, with your ink blot



Concentrated power has always been the enemy

unless government is limited, man is not free

We can't help everyone, but we can help someone


Trickle down, it will all trickle down


It's morning in America, we are prouder, we are stronger, we are better



Every lie is a formula

True but upside-down

Pull the covers up

Everybody eats it up, now you think it's pretty funny


Can you say what you'll never know?

Or what you know you will?

Can you preserve the lie?

You flip it up, serve it down

On this side it's always sunny


Fingers crossed and behind your back

Makin' promises

Look me in the eye

You crack me up, lookin' down

Say I like mine cut and runny


Like a poet with a vendetta

Or a hijacker

On the plane of thought

You turn a phrase, spin a word

Twist my neck like I'm a dummy


There's a known known

There's a known unknown

There's an unknown known

There's an unknown unknown




Gotta get up when you're down

Shake your bum all around

Run and scream through the town

Shake your naked bum all around


Gotta get up when you're down

Shake your bum all around

Run and scream through the town

Shake your naked bum all around


Gotta get up when you're down

Shake your bum all around

Run and scream through the town

Shake your naked bum when you're down


 I don't want to leave this town. 

 No solution can be found. 

 I don't want to loose your sound,

     So I dropped to my knees, put my head on the ground, and I heard...


 Perk your ears. 

 Close your eyes. 

 You will be mighty surprised 

at what you find

Maybe it was all a lie? 

Fooled by your eye. 


 I don't want to leave this town. 

 No solution can be found. 

 I don't want to loose your sound,


 Plug your ears. 

 Now open your eyes. 

You will be mighty surprised 

 at what you find. 

 Maybe it was all a lie?

Open your eyes. 



Some creep has been buggin' out

Left the lights on over Watergate

Stealin' secrets and castin' doubt

Kinda sneaky for a head of state


Paranoia runnin' through and through

You recordin' all your conversations

Pass the buck 'til it's back to you

Shame the nation with your resignation


Tricky Dick, you say you're not a crook

I mean you, Dick, you gotta take another look


Last chopper out of Washington

Throwin' peace signs like a middle finger

Rollin' thunder over Vietnam

The resentment was sure to linger


Tricky Dick, we kicked you around

But you came back for a second look

Another victim of sight and sound

You assured us that you're not a crook,

But you were, Dick



A is for astronomical physics

B is for bitch, a female dog

C is for countries like North Korea

D is for dog, like that bitch we just talked about



Know your alphabet, know your words

Grow up to be big, smart boys and girls

Know your words and know your letters

And know that life doesn't get any better


E is for erection like a house or a church

F is for fucking like your pastor with your dad

G is for God, my favorite fictional character

H is for Hell, and it's where you're going when you die!




I is for Islam, we're not touchin' that one

J is for jizz, now you're making me thirsy!

K is for koala those little furry fuckin' assholes

L is for love and it doesn't exist!





Most nuns offer poontang


Quit reading, solicit trannies


Undulating velvet wang!


Xenophobic yeti zygotes!


[Chorus until the end of time]