Ah yes, the ride to the beautiful and tasty Soupstock fest in Shelton, CT was indeed a saucy one for the Van Buren boys.  We giggled and galavanted as McGee purred our trusty steed Ruby across the asphalt tundras of New England, on a mission for tasty soup and even tastier jams.  The playlist we listened to is a fun mix, featuring the latest from indy darlings Grizzly Bear and Vampire weekend, the stellar second half of Magical Mystery Tour, and top tracks from modern R&B giants Vulfpeck.  Then things got silly as we went down the comedy music rabbit hole, with some Weird Al classics, They Might Be Giants, and the Bob's Burgers soundtrack.  The mix closes with some of McGee's all-time fave pump-up tunes and we continued the alarming trend of pulling into gigs blasting "It's Raining Men."  Give it a listen!