John Lennon, asked about his experience at the height of Beatlemania, explained that life for him was "a car and another car and a hotel and a car and a hotel...."  While the VBs aren't exactly the Beatles (though we are, no doubt, bigger than Jesus) we too spend quite a bit of time on the road.  How do we pass the hours getting all across New England and beyond in our Big Red Van Ruby?  Aside from our constant maniacal giggling and the comedic bits we're always running at each other, we listen to a ton of music.  This past weekend we had an extra-long drive to The Rack at Sugarloaf for our Reggaefest blow-out mega-show, so we all piled in (McGee, PBear, Pizza King, Big Bro Max, Nicole, Dylbot, and RyDawg) and listened to an enormous variety of music.  Some new stuff, some old stuff, some guilty pleasure pop, some high-concept film scores, some tunes were brought up by our wide-ranging conversations, others we listened to many times as we were gonna play them that night in our set.  Playing the playlist in order will be truer to the VB experience, but shuffle might be more satisfying.  Do you like the tunes?  Or not?  Leave a comment!