It's Valentine's day, and we all need music to help get us in a sentimental mood.  Whether one's inclination be toward romance, casual carnal copulation, yearning heartache, or stone-hearted trolling of another Hallmark Holiday, certain tunes just get us in the spirit.  Here's a finely honed Spotify playlist featuring songs old and new for everyone: the amorous, the horny, the hapless, the philandering, and those regretting that Cupid ever drew back his quivering quiver.  So grab that special someone (or not, sometimes you just gotta do you), lean back, hit shuffle, and listen to the greatest romantic songs ever written. (Nothing Compares 2 U isn't on spotify so I threw the vid up top.  It's a weepy Valentine's day must.  Bring your tissues, forget the hand lotion.)  And leave a comment!  Did PBear do a good job on this or is he a moron?  What did he miss?