Check out the Vault, our ever-expanding deep dive playlist of previously-unreleased odds and ends from the VB's entire career.  It's been fun going trough all of this stuff as we're recording and writing the next batch of new VB tunes.  Some of these old tracks are a bit immature and embarrassing, some are shockingly high-quality and inspiring.  We'll be continually updating and rearranging the list until we run out of material, so keep checking back!  Click the pic or use the 'Music' tab to listen.  Here's what we got so far:

Open the Vault - Join Mr. McGee as he uses the secret password to open the mysterious vault.

Dump it In - One of many Mcgee soundscapes in the vault.  Featuring our pals Waxy and Alpha over the top of an old VB band exercise.  

Adults - A shimmering, time-switching PBear tune featuring Buddha on violin as well as our old pal Slowcooker and his wife Rachel on sax and flute.

The Five Senses - McGee, PBear, Pizza King, Smitty, and Spitzy each wrote a unique verse dedicated to one of the five senses.  Only one sound isn't made by the human body.  Can you find it?

Martin: Part I - One of the very first VB tunes is an ode to Prez MVB and his lovable VP Dick Johnson.  Sweet guitar work at the end from Spitzy.

Clap Until Next Tuesday - This old performance piece written by McGee verges on the realm of high-art music made by a bunch of young beat bowls.