The Van Buren Family Roadcast is here!  Check out the podcast to end all podcasts!  Featuring the VBs and their super-talented extended family, the first episode of the VBFRC takes us across the Van Buren Roadshow universe on an audio expedition unlike any other.  

Featuring: PBear, Mr. Smitty, Pizza King, McGee, Big Bro Max, Hayley Jane, The Slow Cooker, The Brown Man, and Donald Trump!

Intro (0:00) - Trump Interview (7:40) - Show Dates (13:20) - Stupid Pet Tricks (14:20) - A Slice of Advice (19:05) - The Cock Block w/Joel Edinberg (24:40)- Dead or Alive? (28:00) - Dump It In (34:15) - Dick Jane w/ Hayley Jane (37:30) - Five Way Rocks, Paper, Scissors (43:20) - This Day in History (46:40) - Red Herring (50:20) - PBear and the Brown Man (59:20) - Plugs/Goodbye (1:06:40)