Jim King took some photos I wanted to share with you from our epic 10.10 show at the Middle East Downstairs last week with a line-up of line-ups!  Be sure to keep your ears on everyone from the night: The Wondermics, Rocky and The Pressers, and Big Mean Sound Machine.  Thanks to everyone who came out for this special evening, we will definitely be doing it again; way too much fun.

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VBs All Over This Weekend

imageFind the Van Burens across New England this weekend.  We will be at Charlie O’s World Famous when we make our Montpelier, VT debut this Thursday, followed by our return to Fury’s in Dover, NH Friday night and of course of course of course the excellent Carmen Verandah’s in Bar Harbor, ME on Saturday night.  Look out, Massachusetts’ northern neighbors, the Van Burens are comin atcha!  For our fans in Boston and beyond, remember that our Middle East Downstairs show Cambridge with the Wondermics, Rocky & the Pressers, and Big Mean Sound Machine is Friday 10.10, less than two weeks away.  VBs have exclusive pre-sale tix, so hit us up at vanburenmusic@gmail.com to get yours today!

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10.10.14 – The Horniest Night of the Year


Get your tickets today for the Van Burens’ blowout party at the Middle East Downstairs Friday 10.10.14. We’ll be joined by Boston soul giants The Wondermics well as the aptly-titled The Big Mean Sound Machine and our old pals Rocky and the Pressers - reggae crew for the 21st century. Given that all acts are super funky, wildly fun bands featuring brass and wood winds, this show is being accurately billed as the Horniest Night of the Year. It’s going to be a romper-stompin’ jaw-droppin’, eeeeeelectrifyin’ evening of music and other earthly delights from some killer groups at a great Cambridge venue (many thanks to the awesome high energy crowd that come out for our Middle East Corner show this past weekend). Join us! We’ve got tix hot off the presses (a mere $10 in advance) so email us at vanburenmusic@gmail.com to reserve yours today! Click here for the FB event and more info.

Catch us this Thursday night at the excellent Electric Haze in Worcester with Rocky and the Pressers and Friday night at the Dutch Treat in Franconia, NH for the annual Pirate Party!

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Hear ye, Hear ye!

MDC edited

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Van Burens at Middle East Corner Friday Night

The VBs are hitting up Cambridge this Friday evening (9.12.14) with a booty-shaking-funk-rock-styled musical show at the Middle East Corner Bar! We take the stage at 10 and will boogie down all evening. The MECB is an awesome intimate venue perfect for a high energy Friday night with the VBs. Click for FB event and tix. Music-loving folk of Boston should also mark their calendars for our 10.10.14 show at the Middle East downstairs with the Wondermics, Rocky and the Pressers, and The Big Mean Sound Machine. Already being billed as “the hornets evening of the year” (all bands will feature brass sections), 10.10 is an event not to be missed. Click for FB event and tix

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Van Burens in Jamaica Plain Tonight

Catch the VBs rocking the Milky Way Lounge in JP tonight (9.3.14). We will be kicking off their Fall Music Series after a successful summer run. The Milky Way is a hip venue – part high-end bar, part rock club, part outdoor cafe, all awesome – and it’s an excellent spot to groove with the Van Burens. The show is FREE and ALL AGES and with a 6-9 pm set time, it’s perfect for working folks and parents. Click here for FB event and more info!

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Bingo. Bango. Bongo.

What up ya’ll?  This year has been a crazy ride for the VBs, and for many of our dearest.  Hang in, hang tough, and help each other out.


Check out this super cool new video from Kawehi!

ANTHEM – By Kawehi (Off of my newest EP, Robot Heart) from Kawehi on Vimeo.

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The Van Burens in Quincy Friday Night!


The VBs are this week playing our first gig in a long time in our true hometown: Quincy, MA, fittingly known as the City of Presidents. The band has lived at our undisclosed bunker location in Q-town for several years now, but we’ve yet to make the short trek to rock the amazing Beachcomber on Wolly Beach as we will on Friday night (8.8) Quincy has been an inspiration, not only for its ties to America’s founding, but also for its progressivism, diversity, and multiple sushi restaurants. To paraphrase Mister Rogers (and imagine all the VBs changing their shoes for the proper effect here) “won’t you be our neighbor?” Come join us at the legendary South Shore venue the Beachcomber this Friday night (did I mention it’s in Quincy, the City of Presidents?) for an excellent evening of music and mirth. We will start shortly after 9.

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The Van Burens @ Lizard Lounge Tonight!


The Van Burens are debuting at our favorite hometown venue, Lizard Lounge in Cambridge TONIGHT! We will be joined by a cavalcade of guest stars, including Haley Jane, The Lizard Queen Nicole Henley, and Slow Cooker and Skinny Pete of the Dick Johnson Memorial Horn Section. It’s gonna be an awesome set of music (we’ve got some new material for the Boston crowd, and some refreshed classics) in support of Ghosts of Jupiter, legit Boston rock giants. Click here for FB event and more info. We will take the stage around 9.

Tomorrow we head up to Jerry Jam to catch some amazing acts at our fave NH festival and get ready for our Saturday night mega-set starting at midnight and ending …….? In honor of Lizard Lounge and Jerry Jam, we’ve been counting down the all time best lizards, lounges, Jerry’s, and jams this week of the blog. Check out Part I and Part II, let’s pick it back up at the #4 lizard, lounge, Jerry, or jam.

#4 – Dragons
Perhaps mythical, perhaps as real as you or I, dragons are undeniably freakin sweet. Game of Thrones fans will be familiar with the world-changing power of dragons, and the difficulties in harnessing that power. A dragon cannot be tamed! No man is master to a ferocious flying, fire-breathing lizard! Just look at that baby dragon standing on Daenerys’ shoulder, telling everyone to “step off!” Yes, dragons are truly terrifying. Except for Pete’s Dragon. He was pretty chill.

#3 – Jerry Garcia
The titular honoree of Jerry Jam is arguably the most important musician of the past fifty years. Leading the Greatful Dead, he created a mix of blues, jazz, and American folk music infused with an improvisatory verve that is still incredibly influential on all live musicians to this day. Come pay homage to the great one at Jerry Jam this weekend!

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The VBs @ Lizard Lounge, Jerry Jam This Week (Part II)


The Van Burens are wicked psyched for this week’s run of shows:  first we debut at our favorite hometown venue (Thursday @ Lizard Lounge in Cambridge w. HALEY JANE in support of Ghosts of Jupiter) then we head up to Jerry Jam in Bath, NH for VB SuperBowl (a mega-epic set with lotsa fun surprises late Saturday night) (click the links or check Monday’s blog post for set times, tickets, and more details).  In fact, we are so wickedly psyched for Lizard Lounge and Jerry Jam that this week we are running the ultimate countdown:  that’s right, we’re going from #8 to #1 listing the all-time greatest lizards, lounges, Jerrys, and jams.  Check Monday’s post for #8-6, let’s pick it back up with #5.

Nota Bene: Due to the arcane Van Buren voting system (our selection method involved blindfolds, darts, and bowlful after bowlful of peeled red grapes) our number five pick for best lizard, lounge, Jerry, or jam wound up being a Five-Way tie between some fantastic jams, a couple legendary Jerrys, and one heck of a lizard. Go figure.

#5 – Jerry Stiller
An all-time Jerry, Zoolander’s dad/agent is most famous as George Costanza’s loud, bombastic, neurotic father from Seinfeld. Cheers to Jerry’s brilliantly over-the-top performance and happy Festivus to all!

#5 – Velociraptors
And I hear what you’re saying. “P. Bear! Velociraptors are soooo played! Why not dig for the dinosaur fossil deep cuts? Like the Spinosaurus, still the world’s all-time largest carnivore? Or the Excalibosaurus, a giant aquatic reptile with a giant sword nose and a sweeeet name?   Or even that little fan-neck dinosaur that spits on Newman in Jurassic Park….much hipper than raptors.”

Well-researched points all, dear reader, and always I appreciate a Seinfeld reference.  But velociraptors are so cunning, so agile, so fast, so athletic (they’re the only dinosaur with an NBA team after them), so smoooooth….. admit it, if you were a dinosaur it would be most fun to be a velociraptor.  And just imagine lunchtime!

#5 – Pearl Jam

This classic Seattle “grunge” crew fronted by the Hon. Edward Vedder would have made #1 on this list had they simply taken their famous “grunge”-style song “Jeremy” and renamed it “Jerry.”  What a missed opportunity!  Still, Pearl Jam remains an all-time jam and today takes its rightful place amongst the greatest lizards, Jerrys, and lounges.

#5 – Jheri Curls

Well technically not a “Jerry,” Jheri curls cannot be denied in terms of cultural impact.  Jheri curls are glamorous.  Jehri curls are glistening.  Jheri curls are by far the world’s most popular hairstyle, outpacing even such luminaries as the Flat-Top, the Rachel, the Inverted Chattanooga 9-Point Mullet, the Hipster Hitler, and the Bowl Cut you had that long summer between third and sixth grade.   Scratch that, Jheri curls aren’t even a hairstyle to being with; Jheri curls are a hair way-of-life.  Let your soul glow!

 Strawberry Jam:

Strawberry Jam

Factoring in flavor, consistency, versatility, spreadablity, availability, as well as several very personal aesthetic considerations, I give strawberry jam a rating three-and-a-half thumbs pointing generally upward.  In honor of strawberry jam and all five of today’s #5 honorable lizards, Jerrys, and jams, let’s listen to their favorite song: “Lounge Jam”!


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