Van Burens in Pawtucket + Burlington This Weekend!

Catch the Van Burens Friday early evening (tonight) when we make our debut at the Bucket Brewery in Pawtucket, RI at part of the Bucket’s Sound Check Sessions, a craft brew tasting + live music + ticket giveaway + pizza party. Sounds like the best shindig imaginable. The party is from 6-9, so come join the VBs for a fun weekend kickoff. Click here for the FB event and more info.

Find us Saturday and Sunday early afternoons at Burlington’s ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science center, performing as part of their Mudfest Earth Day celebration. Saturday night we will be returning to the awesome Red Square in beautiful downtown Burlington.

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Toad 4.9.14


A lot of great people came out to show some Wednesday night love(Slow Cooker!). 8261

JahKing Fotos.

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The Van Burens + Hayley Jane @ Electric Haze Tonight!

The Van Burens and our pal, the incredibly talented superfrontwoman Hayley Jane, are hot off an awesome show last night at Toad in Cambridge. Thanks so much to all the folks who came out and packed the place! Tonight you can find us heading west, young man, to our debut show at the legendary Electric Haze in Worcester. The show will also feature ska/reggae crew the All Good Feel Good Collective, so come out out ‘n’ get funky with us! Click here for FB event and more info. Catch us later in the week when we hit up Harlow’s in Petersborough, NH followed by a Saturday afternoon show at the Cannonball Pub in Franconia, NH and Saturday night at Penuche’s in Concord, NH.

Here’s a few vids from last evening’s action. Thanks so much to Jon Doherty for filming.

Abie Baby:

Crazy Show:


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The Van Burens + Hayley Jane @ Toad Wednesday!


Catch the Van Burens with our pal Hayley Jane at Toad in Porter Square, Cambridge tomorrow night!  For the past few weeks, we’ve been learning, writing, and performing music with the lovely and talented Hayley Jane -  superwomanfrontperson from Hayley Jane and the Primates.   The Van Burens + Hayley Jane played some killer shows together this past weekend in New Hampshire, and we are excited to bring this collaboration back home for the VB debut at Toad.  This will be a high energy, wicked fun show, with opener Fandango at 7 and the VBs + HJ at 9:30.    Check out the FB event for more details and come get groovy.

Our tour with Hayley Jane continues this week when we hit up Electric Haze in Worcester on Thursday, followed by Harlow’s in Petersborough, NH Friday and Penuche’s in Concord, NH Saturday.

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Van Burens in the Press

Just like Tonya Harding, Monica Lewinsky, and the giant aquatic rabbit that attacked Jimmy Carter that one time, the Van Burens are media darlings.

What is widely dubbed the most famous image in the history of mankind: Carter and the rabbit.

What is widely known as the most famous image in the history of mankind: Carter and the rabbit.

Our recent EP Presidential Lovefest has been making the rounds to the most influential ears in the USA, on the planet Earth, and beyond.  Make sure to give it a listen on this very website or listen/buy/download at BandCamp!  Here are a couple album reviews from across the country as well as an interview I did with the insane and hilarious Brian Lush.

Skope Magazine Review

Hot Indie News Review

Rockwired interview: Brian Lush w/ P. Bear


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Catch That Snazzy VB Sound!


The Van Burens are headed up to New Hampshire this weekend for a Granite State mini-tour when we hit up Fury’s in Dover Friday (tonight 3.14) and jam out a few Apres Ski sets at Cannonball Mountain’s The Cannonball pub Saturday afternoon (3.15). Bust out your dancing shoes, your boogie-down boots, your getting-funky galoshes, your open-to-anything open-toed-heels; really any kind of footwear will, do but come out ‘n’ dance!

Sharp-eared listeners to Van Buren live shows in 2014 have heard us add the Clash song “Magnificent 7″ to our repertoire. Its kind of a punky new wave rap tune about the plight of the working class man featuring cameos from the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Karl-O Marx, and a cheeseburger. If you’ve liked hearing “Magnificent 7″ as much as we like to play it (the VBs have a blast with the funky up-tempo groove and trying to remember all the words), give thanks to VB friends and benefactors Garry and Tio Hache, who requested the cover via donation to our EP Kickstarter back in December. Thanks, fellaz!

Here’s the Clash themselves playing a super up-tempo high-energy version of “Magnificent 7″ on the Tom Snyder show back in ’81. A different take from ours, certainly, but it’s awesome nonetheless to see the Clash rock it out. Major kudos for Joe Strummer for his sweet high-speed blue-eyed rap skills. (Also, check out the titillating teaser title as the show goes to commercial…what was Tom Snyder up to in 1981?)

Having covered the Clash a couple of times now, the Van Burens have gained an appreciation for their songwriting and variety; basically, they are the one original punk band that actually sounds good to listen to (take that, The Ramones! Take that, The Sex Pistols! We’re going with The Clash!) Strummer has an awesome sense of melody and the band is comprised of solid professional musicians (bassist Paul Simonen and guitarist Mick Jones backed up one of the VB’s favorite albums, the Gorrilaz’ Plastic Beach), so the music of the Clash just sounds so much more musical than that of their punk peers.  They managed to help create and develop the loud, fast, leather-bound, nihilistic, anti-authority hallmarks of the punk scene while also writing some timeless music and growing as songwriters throughout their career as a band.   The Clash are kind of like the Talking Heads’ gruff but sensitive British cousin, or The Who’s disaffected anarchist little brother, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ dead beat dad.  Their music defies classification and that’s a good thing.  Here are a few other favorites:


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Presidential visit

I know everyone has been asking about it, so I just wanted to finally release this photo I snapped from when we had a few of the Presidents over to our practice space, The Hideout.  So here it is:


It was a pretty fun day, although we did spend quite a bit of time explaining our digital cameras to Taft and Lincoln.  They were fascinated.  What a couple of dorks!  JFK, however, was far more interested in trying to get Smitty to play “Bulls On Parade” about 4 million times in a row.  And of course, LBJ, as exemplified here, was just oozing creepiness all day.  He kept asking to try on Jeff’s pants.  He said he liked “the way the crotch looked”.  Despite their flaws, the Presidents were a blast to chill with, and I hope we can have them over again some time soon.  And as soon as we finish editing it, we’ll put out the video of all of us jamming on “No Woman, No Cry”.  You wouldn’t believe Taft’s Bob Marley impression – uncanny.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our new EP, Presidential Lovefest.


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Listen to ‘Presidential Lovefest’


The Van Burens’ second EP Presidential Lovefest is available in its entirety here on this website right now!  Listen with our media player to the right; click the album title to head over to our Band Camp page where you can buy it name-your-price.  The band is pretty psyched about the album;  we worked long and hard on it, as we’re proud of the result.   Let us know what you think!  Leave a comment or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter (@thevanburens).  The Van Burens are currently hunkered down finishing up our Kickstarter prizes, planning an April tour, and considering our next recording project.  Wow!  Give a listen to Presidential Lovefest and hit us up!

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The Van Burens @ Wonder Bar Wednesday Night


The Van Burens are kicking off our Presidential Lovefest EP release tour at Wonder Bar in Allston tomorrow night, followed by shows at Scores in Keene, NH (Thursday). The Dutch Treat in Franconia, NH (Friday) and Penuche’s in Concord, NH (Saturday).  We will be debuting our second EP (listen to the sneak preview tracks here!) with a kickoff party unlike any other;  we will play the Presidential Lovefest tracks live along with a super-fun set of Van Buren favorites.  We’ve been locked in rehearsals with our horn section and lighting crew getting our act together, and the VBs guarantee this party will be insanely festive ‘n’ funky.  The band will be joined by the Goods at Wonder Bar; our set starts at 9.  Click here for the Boston FB event, click here for the tour FB.  The Van Burens are very excited about the tour and proud of our new album, and we can’t wait for you all to hear it.  Come party!

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Presidential Lovefest Sneak Peek!


The Van Burens are wicked psyched; we’re only a week away from the release of our second EP, Presidential Lovefest.  The new album is a culmination of four years writing, performing, and recording a fun, colorful set of tunes that capture the Van Burens’ buoyant live energy as well as our meticulous attention to every audio detail.  There are groovin’ beats, sweet licks, tasty harmonies, catchy hooks, and surprises galore; and the vibrant album art by Caleb Williamson brings to life our EPs’ theme of a Presidential bash featuring all of history’s greatest Party-Animals-in-Chief.  Click Caleb’s scene at the top of the page to get info and the FB event for our Presidential Lovefest tour of love; we’ll be at Wonder Bar in Allston on Wednesday 2.12.14 followed by three nights across the Granite State.

The Van Burens are very proud of our new record and we want every human on Earth to hear it (and animals too, both domesticated and wild).  BONUS:  What’s this, you can listen to two tracks from Presidential Lovefest right now?  Simply click here to visit our BandCamp site, where you can hear “Trick Dick” and “Reagan.”  Put on your boogie shoes!  We hope you like it, and can’t wait for you to hear the rest.  Make sure to look for the full EP next week and join us on the Presidential Lovefest tour!


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